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Artefact Project

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation has developed a special Platform of Interactive Guides based on augmented reality technologies. Every National Cultural Institution may join this Platform free of charge completely.
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National project “Culture”

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How Does Artefact Work?

Install Artefact app to see AR mode in action. Download the exhibition. Push the «Augmented reality» button and point your phone's camera at the exhibit to learn more about it!
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Points of interest
Explore Important Details.
Discover interesting facts
Augmented Reality
See the exhibition through the screen of your phone: discover initial sketches and item's condition before restoration
Exhibit Description
Read the articles written by museum professionals and become an art expert
Audio Guides
Tired of reading? Listen to voice-over produced by professional voice-actors

Artefact Platform features

Use the admin panel to easily create an augmented reality exhibition.
Points of interest
Describe interesting facts
or exhibit details
Reveal What is Hidden
Ранние эскизы, процесс реставрации, рентгеновские снимки
Block Editor
Цитаты, галереи, 3D-вращения и другие интерактивы
Audio Guides
QR codes are no longer needed
Поддерживаются английский, французский, немецкий, итальянский, испанский, японский и китайский языки

Advantages of augmented reality technology

  • QR codes are no longer neededОпределяет экспонат по его изображению.
  • Expand your exposure optionsПокажите посетителям выставки ранние эскизы, процесс реставрации не меняя дизайн выставочного пространства.
  • Several levels of information presentationКраткие факты в точках интереса, интерактивные статьи для любителей почитать, аудиогиды для тех, кто предпочитает слушать.

Import the exhibits

from museum systems

Museum Anywhere

Masterpieces from russian museums collections in your living room

Available on Apple iOS 12+
Portrait of the Actress Jeanne Samary
Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. Gallery of European and American Art

Download Artefact for iOS and Android

Available on iOS 11+ and Android 5+
Augmented reality multimedia guide Artefact will make your museum visit more educative.
Explore museum's collections without leaving your home in the Catalog mode.
Artefact app using augmented reality technologies in the cultural space
so you can learn more about works of art
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How does it work?

Learn More About the Artefact Platform
To see AR mode in action:
  1. Install ARTEFACT app for 
  2. iOS or Android;
  3. Find and download the «Paintings in Details» exhibition;
  4. Push the «Augmented reality» button and point your phone's camera at the painting;
  5. Watch what happens on your phone screen whilst you flip through the pictures.
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